How do I determine what condition my device is in?

A major part of the selling process is determining what condition your phone, tablet, or iPod is in. Having an accurate idea of our three cosmetic condition categories will help expedite your payment, and prevent any discrepancies during the inspection process.

Condition guide:

  • Excellent
    • Like new condition, no scuffs or scratches
    • Absolutely no cracks or cosmetic flaws
    • Everything on device works perfectly, 100% functional
  • Good
    • Shows light wear with faint scuffs or scratches
    • Powers on and is in good cosmetic condition
    • No cracks on screen, body, or missing any components, 100% functional
  • Broken
    • Doesn’t turn on or make calls, missing buttons
    • Heavy signs of use including scratches, dings & cracks
    • Cracks on screen or body, non-functional

If you have a question or concern about determining the condition of your device, please give us a call at 949-397-2955, reach out through Live Chat, or email us at

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