How to turn off “Find My iPhone”

Find My iPhone is activated on Apple devices with iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9. It is a safe guard feature that locks your iPhone and protects your data in case it is lost or stolen. If the Find My iPhone feature is still activated when a device is sent, we won’t be able to buy it back until it is removed.

Watch our video on how to turn off "Find My iPhone"

Here is how you can remove this feature before your sale.

  • Head to Settings > General
  • Now scroll towards the bottom and tap Reset
  • You’ll then want to select Erase All Content and Settings
  • Be careful NOT to choose Reset All Settings, as this will not turn off the Find My iPhone feature and will end up delaying your sale.

Here is now to remove it if the device is not in your possession anymore.

  • Go to: and login using your Apple iCloud account.
  • Click on Devices towards the top of the page and you should see the device you’re trying to sell to Click on that device and select the X button to the right of the image. Verify by clicking on the Remove This will remove the device from your account and allow the device to be unlocked.

If you’re having trouble removing the Find My iPhone feature either remotely or in your hands, please reach out to us!

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