What happens if my item gets lost or stolen in transit?

Although very rare, USPS or UPS can lose packages. If your package does not make it to us and something happened to it during shipment, we will open up a claim with the respective courier service.

Get in contact with us and we will identify your tracking number to see what it shows through their “track a package” feature. If there is a discrepancy, we will then open up a claim with them so that they can investigate what has happened. Each shipment will have $100 insurance for this special circumstance. Once the case has been opened, we will be in communication with you to relay any messages and the eventual outcome that the courier service has decided.

We recommend keeping a record of the tracking number that is sent so you can use it for reference.

If your tracking number shows the item is delivered and are concerned it has not arrived yet, please contact us at (949) 397-2955 or email us at support@epelican.com.

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